Mount. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake

Mount Kailash Yatra

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The great mountain of Asia, the navel of the world,from where four great rivers emerged which give life to the areas they pass through. The myth originates in the Hindu epics, which speak of Mt. Meru-abode of the gods- as a vast column 84000 leagues high, its summit kissing the heavens and its flanks composed of gold, crystal, ruby and lapis lazuli. With the time passes, Meru came to be associated with the Mt. Kailash. This Mt. Kailash stands prominently in a remote south west corner of Tibet at the altitude of 6714 m is the holiest of all the holy peaks. It is the abode of Lord Shiva and Kang Rimpoche of Tibetan Buddhism. And in the ancient Bon religion of Tibet, Kailash was the sacred Yungdrung Gutseg “9 storey Swarika” as the south face of Kailash can be seen a swastika.

The travel to Mt. Kailash is an important pilgrimage for millions of people of Hindus & Buddhist, in addition to Jain and also to Bonpos. Round the hub of Kailash is 54 km, is said to be enough to wipe out all the sins of visitors lifetime. Visiting once is the lifetime achievement through which you can remove all the innumerable sins.

The trip commence with the scenic drive to Zhangmu in Tibet after crossing Nepalese boarder,then all the way from Paryang to Kailash. You need to have holy bath & parikarma to achieve the ultimate spiritual goal before return leg to Kathmandu.

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