10 day hike Annapurna Basecamp

I signd up for a 10 day hike including a guide (shoutout to LB who has bin just amazing) to show me the way and tell me all about the area.
Unfortunaly deu to a heavy snowfall we could not reach basecamp and had to turn back 1,5 day’s early.
Probably it is smarter to book in march or april so less chanche of heavy snowfall and such.
Even thou i had a realy great time and the landscape is just amazing to see.
My guide aranged everyting with me and for me. From buying my gear to arange all accommodations and food.
Thanks to him i was fuly prepared for what was coming. Like snow and different wether conditions.
Altho not making it to basecamp, he made sure i had a good time.
Met some great fello travelers alone the way and got to enjoy the hotsprings, what was awesome after hiking for severall day’s 🙂
All Lodges we stayd in has shower so that was good. Loundry is another story because you can’t dry anything. What you could do is wash socks and underwear and dry them outside of your pack. Do not overpack clothing, you going to get dirty anyway 😉
Everyone who is planning to visit Nepal has to see the beauty of the himalaya’s.
Hikes can be tuff but there are many tracks, longer and shorter so i think it is possible for everyone.
Just always double check what companys offer you with an independent individual so you do not over pay or anything. Did not happen to me, just some random advice 😉