Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Trip Overview

The eighth highest mountain in the world lies eastern part of Annapurna Region. It is one of the best remote area treks in the country where tea houses are not developed yet however, few houses can be met. The route goes through the former kingdom Gorkha over to join Budhigandaki at Aarughat. The villages in the upper riches are mainly inhabited by Gurung until Namru (Tibetan boarder is a few kilometer to the north) where the Tibetan influence is seen. The village of Samdu to Bimtang on the western side of the pass is no more permanent habitation. A large stone shelter at Larkya Phedi offers a shelter to the trekkers before to crossing the pass. While passing the crossing, a stunning view of Manaslu can be seen. After Bimtang the trial follows Dudh khola valley through some magnificient stands of blue pine & rhododendron to join the Annapurna circuit trial at Chamje. Fascinating Himalayan views,rich ethnic cultures and genuine adventure sum up the trek experience around the 8100m high mountain Manaslu which was opened in 1992 for visitors.

Outline Itinerary

Day  01 Drive to  Arughat Bazaar (570 m),

Day  02 Arughat – Sotikhola (730 m)

Day  03 Sotikhola– Labubesi (880 m)

Day  04 Labubesi – Tatopani (990 m)

Day  05 Tatopani – Jagat (1370 m, 5-6 hours)

Day  06 Jagat – Ekle Bhatti ( 1650 m, 4-5 hours)

Day  07 Ekle Bhatti – Dyang (1860 m, 3- 4 hours)

Day  08 Dyang – Ghap (2380 m, 3-4 hours)

Day  09 Ghap – Namrung

Day  10 Namrung – Lho (3180 m,  4-5 hours walk)

Day  11 Lho – Kargyu Chholing Gompa

Day  12 Kargyu Chholing Gompa – Samdo

Day  13 Samdo – Stone Hut (4 hours walk)

Day  14 Stone Hut – Bimtang – (3720 m,   8/9 hours walk) –

Day  15 Bimtang – Gho/Tilje – (2560 m,  5 hours walk) –

Day  16 Gho/Tilje – Dharapani – (4 hours walk)

Day  17 Dharapani- Syange – (6/7 hours walk)

Day  18 Syange – Besisahar –  (6/7 hours walk)

Day  19 Besisahar – Kathmandu – (7 hours drive)

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 1 Morning at 06:30 after breakfast, drive to Arughat Bazaar(570m), 10 hours drive

    A famous place for Peaches and base point for this trekking. Overnight rest.

  • Day 2 Arughat – Sotikhola (730m) ( 5-6 hours walk)

    The trek begins after crossing the bridge over Buri Gandaki at eastern part of Arughat bazaar. The main attraction of this route are local thatched houses, view of Sringi Himal (7187m), Buri Gandaki Valley, water fall, Magar and Gurung village and the valley is said to have beehives where honey is harvested. Overnight rest.

  • Day 3

    Day  02  Arughat – Sotikhola (730m) ( 5-6 hours walk) –  The trek begins after crossing the bridge over Buri Gandaki at eastern part of Arughat bazaar. The main attraction of this route are local thatched houses, view of Sringi Himal (7187m), Buri Gandaki Valley, water fall, Magar and Gurung village and the valley is said to have beehives where honey is harvested. Overnight rest.

    Day  03  Sotikhola-Labubesi (880m) ( 5 hours) – The trial crosses the bridge and treks through beautiful sal forests, then climbs onto the ridge above rapids on the Buri Gandaki river. Much of the trial is blasted out of vertical rock walls on the way to Khursane and a Gurung village. The rocky trial then weaves its way up and down, past to tropical water falls on the steep, rocky trial clinging to the side of a cliff. Overnight rest.

    Day  04  Labubesi – Tatopani (990m) ( 6-7 hours) –The trial climbs behind a rocky outcrop to an old school then passes through Machhakhola, a village. The narrow trial makes some minor ups and downs, often dropping onto gravel bars alongside the river then reaches Khorlabesi. There are few houses, fields of tobacco, wheat and buck wheat, a rudimentary shop, small teashop etc but the main part of village is far above, on the top of the hill. After more ups and downs there is asmall trialside hot spring then the route reaches to tatopani, there is small shop nearby stone shrine and several spouts of hot water.Overnight rest.

    Day  05  Tatopani – Jagat (1370m, 5-6 hours) – The trial climbs over an other ridge and crosses the Buri Gandaki on a suspension bridge in a state of moderate decay. The path goes through rugged trial  after crossing landslide, few houses, well crafted staircase you will be at the Jagat. Overnight rest.

    Day  06  Jagat – Ekle Bhatti (1650m, 4-5 hours) – Climb over a rocky ridge Salley, a settlement of some houses and herders’ hut you can explore superb view of Sringi Himal.The trial continues upstream crosses several mills (Ghatta in Nepali) and pass suspension bridge which looks  like it’s  in danger of collapse. Then trial goes through Philim, a Gurung village, which is famous for their culture and tradition and to Ekle Bhatti. Overnight rest.

    Day  07  Ekle Bhatti – Dyang (1860m, 3- 4 hours) – The trial descends grassy slopes dotted with tall pine trees and climbs up bamboo forests  to the Deng Khola, crossing it on an unstable collection of rocks and logs where the newly constructed trial abruptly ends Then you will be at the Dyang where primarily inhabitated by Gurungs who practice Buddhism.Overnight rest.

    Day  08  Dyang – Ghap (2380m, 3-4 hours) –  A short distance beyond Dyang the trial recrosses th Buri Gandaki onto what is now the north bank, and climbs to Rana in 1980.The trial from bridge climbs on steps past a waterfall. Cross the stream on a crooked wooden bridge, then drop to another stream that follows in a steep, narrow canyon. The trial then goes ups and downs through forests, passing an occasional house or mani walls. The mani wall has particularly elegant carvings (Buddha in various meditative pose) said to have been made by a family of stone   carvers from Bihi Village.

    Day  09  Ghap – Namrung (4 hours walk) – Pass a few houses and three streams in a forest of big firs, alive with birds, including the Danphe, national bird then with ups & donws you will be at the Namrung. There are some interesting rock-hopping exercises stretch  if  you want to keep your feet dry. Some caves, villages and mountains are the other attractions of this trial.

    Day  10 Namrung – Lho (3180m,  4-5 hours walk) – The trial goes up through a forest of firs, rhododendrons and oaks to aprosmontory and to a stone arch then enters the closely packed houses and wheat fields of Lihi at 2900m. There s a monastry(Gompa) on the side of the trial and another above the village.The spectacular vies of the Manaslu, Manasly north, Naike peak appear at the head of the valley. There is watchtowers  where villagers sit whole night to scare bears away from the crops. Lho is a big village with a gompa, a rough stone archway at the entrance and a Tibetan style chorten and hugh mani wall at the western end. A spectacular view of Manaslu can be seen from Kani just above from Lho.

    Day  11  Lho – Kargyu Chholing Gompa (4 hours walk) – Drop down to the Damonan Khola, crossing it on a two-span bridge near some mills, then ascend again. The trial follows  the north fork of the stream up for a long distance through damp forests on ground that is neither muddy or icy, depending on season. The trial emerges onto a plateau at Shyaula with a wide vista of Himalchuli (7983 m), Ngadi Chuli (7879 m) and Manaslu himal. Cross the ridge and trek in and out of the canyon of the Thosang Khola, then descend onto a rock-strewn morain. After Samagaon, walk across fields of wheat and buckwheat, past a chorten, to a large yellow Kani with bright, well preserved painting inside. Only the barely and potatoes are the main crops of this place and tradition along with mountains are the attraction of this trial.

    Day  12     Kargyu Chholing Gompa – Samdo (4 hours walk) – There is a mani wall near the small stone-roofed school and the closely packed stone houses at Samdo. A major Tibetan trade route heads east through the village and over the Lajyang La at 5098m to Rhee village in Tibet, a day’s walk from here. The sceneries of mountain range and landscape  are the attraction of this trial.

    Day  13  Samdo – Stone Hut (4 hours walk) –  Descend on a wide, gentle trial from Samdo past many fields to a big, old mani wall and stone archway. Climb gently through tundra and juniper opposite the hugh Larkya glaciers that drops from Manaslu North. Avalanches roar down down from this peak, but the trial is safely out of their path.

    Day  14  Stone Hut – Bimtang  – (3720 m, 8/9 hours walk) – The route starts up from the ridge in front of the Stone Hut, eventually becoming a long, gentle climb beside a morain. Cross a small , descend a bit to a lake, and keep climbing the ridge until you reach the top of the morain at 4690 m. The views of this trial is tremendous. The peaks to the west of the pass are Himlung Himal (7126 m) Cheo Himal(6820 m),Gyaji Kung (7030 m) Kang Guru (6981 m) and Annapurna II (7937 m). The trial descent along the grassy morain, the valley becomes larger, and the trial heads down to a large meadow, a mani wall and a small tea house.

    Day  15  Bimtang – Gho/Tilje – (2560 m,  5 hours walk) – The trial descents down and crosses a glacial stream, the head waters of Dudh Khola, on a wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge, the trial headed down through rhododendron & pine forests. Further the trial crosses a landslide, then goes across fields before making a steep climb over a ridge decorated with prayer flags and finally reach at a tea house at Gho.

    Day  16  Gho/Tilje – Dharapani –(4 hours walk) – Climb over a small ridge to the stone paved village street and wind  among the closely spaced houses of this large Gurung Village to the communal water tap and cross the Dudh Khola and trek along the river embankment.

    Day  17  Dharapani- Syange – (6/7 hours walk) – Trek south through the steepest part of the Marshyangdi river gorge.


1. Service Includes
  • Kathmandu to Arughat and Besisahar to Kathmandu transfer
  • Accomodation and meals during the trek
  • English spoken Nepali guide
  • Necessary porters
  • Conservation permits (ACAP, MCAP)
  • Trekking permits
  • Expenses for guide and porters
  • Insurance to the staff
2. Service Excludes
  • Bar & Beverages ( Hard & soft )
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance in case of emergency
  • Gratuity
  • Personal equipment

Date & Availability

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Trip Overview

  • Max Altitute: 5100m
  • Trip Duration: 18 Days
  • Trip Region: Other Region
  • Trip Start From: Arughat
  • Trip End In: Besisahar
  • Max Altitude: 5100m
  • Trip Season: March - May and September - Mid of November
  • Activity Level: Easy Trek